kaamil services is slowly getting back in shape

kaami services is slowly getting back in shape again.It’s good to be getting back into form!

new names

An auction type website an auction type website that will be selling everything under the sun : *******.com

Name and domain name for a mobile app development company with products and services and offering mobile development services to clients : ********

travel forum

I’ve never done travel writing before.This new job requires me to seed a travel site forum called forum.uberholiday.com.


kaamil has started bringing revenue

Yes! We have started yielding returns.I got my first payment a day ago on a project about ghost writing a hilarious short story, which I’m working on and need to turn in.Momentous, considering I’m laboring on while fighting various establishment ideas and since we’re a complete tiny seed company, no backup no funds…I should put in a word of thanks for all my friends who supported me through settling in in a new city.

content for an eCommerce website, shoppingully.com

content that was reviewed for shoppingully.com:

In today’s the busting of e-commerce Auhna Technologies brings to you ‘shoppingully.com’. ‘Shoppingully.com’ is an e-commerce website from and our vision is to bring together products from every street corner into the online market.

Our ambitious mission is to create an identity in the global online shopping market, to make it to the top of search engine rankings for online shopping , to grant our customers a global visibility and expand from 50 to 500 employees by the end of May 2013.

We want to be able to serve every customer and ship no less than 50000+ items per day. Our values spring from following the age old Indian notion of service to the customer, from the quality of the service we offer you and from exemplary team -work.

design samples:website template for a japanese firm called Mizu

‘Mizu’ means water  in Japanese.The identity for this firm comes from an endemic Japanese aesthetic.

test banners for Unnati Silks

these are some test banners I made for Unnati Silks ‘ e-commerce portal.

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Identity for Scope Design

Scope Design

web design test at Aivah Design Solutions


web-site design for an oil company

some templates fora web-site for an Oil company.I made these at Web-pixels in Himayatnagar, Hyderabad.

wanted! kaamil is hiring!

we are hiring!

We are hiring  writers and designers  to work with us on a virtual workspace.
Please apply as soon as possible.

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